Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death for men and women and afflicts more than 11% of the US population. Hospitals and doctors treating these populations face unprecedented challenges driven by increasing volume, disruptive new procedures, greater competition, and the transition to “value-based” care.  To confront these challenges clinical and administrative teams need trusted data and clinically relevant insight to work together, drive best practice, and reduce unnecessary variation.  But, cardiovascular care is highly nuanced and comprised of many discrete therapies.  One-size-fits-all analytic solutions lack the precision required to engage clinicians, and internal analytics teams are often stretched thin, lack the domain expertise, and struggle to stay current with changing practice.


Biome builds the data, engineers the applications, and delivers the precision analytic insights that hospitals and doctors need to provide high-performance cardiovascular care. Our machine-driven, human-enabled solutions combine clients’ clinical and financial data with a community-driven library of clinically relevant patient cohorts, benchmarks, and performance measures. Our clients rely on our technology and deep domain expertise to continuously identify high-impact opportunities, align teams, and achieve clinical and financial outcomes that result in better payor contracts, higher patient satisfaction, and superior national rankings.


We help doctors and hospitals use data to deliver the best possible cardiovascular care to more patients at a lower cost.


  • Trust
  • Impact
  • Engage
  • Align
  • Perform
  1. Trusted Data

We start by building a trusted clinical and financial fact base for each cardiovascular program using data from our clients’ registries, EMRs, PACs, CVIS and cost accounting systems.

  1. High-Impact Opportunities

Next, our team leverage machine-learning models and proprietary risk algorithms to identify high-impact clinical and financial opportunities within each cardiovascular program for individual doctors, clinical chiefs, service lines, and health systems.

  1. Clinician Engagement

We then build trust in our data and engage practitioners with clinically relevant cohorts, risk-adjustment methods, and targeted benchmarks based on insights into clinical and financial performance drivers.

  1. Aligned Teams

Clinical and administrative leadership then identify intervention opportunities for impacting quality, cost, and national rankings; define improvement priorities; and set clinical and financial targets.

  1. Drive Performance

Clients leverage Biome’s applications and community-driven library of improvement templates, measures, and analytics to implement performance initiatives and track results to ensure sustainable gains in the adoption of best practices.


Focus & Expertise

  • Cardiovascular care is unique, we specialize because generalized tools and analytics have failed to engage and align clinicians.
  • Clients rely on our experience and perspective, and our community of leading heart centers to learn and accelerate improvement.
  • We help clients stay current with changing practice, and rapidly project the impact of clinical, financial, and affiliation opportunities.


  • Disease specific performance data marts that integrate client cost accounting and clinical data.
  • ML based performance assessment engine that continuously identifies high value clinical and financial opportunities.
  • Community driven performance library containing clinical and financial measures, benchmarks, and performance initiatives.

Unique Model

  • Our model focuses on the value we deliver – not on software, algorithms, products, or billable services.
  • Our fees are fixed and predictable, approximately 2/3 the cost of an internal resource for applications and services.
  • No friction, if we don’t have an analytics that an answers your inquiry in our library, we build it at our cost.