About Us

Our History

Three years ago, our team of data scientists and clinical experts came together to build a company focused on helping doctors and hospitals deliver superior cardiovascular care to more patients at a lower cost.

Our guiding belief:

  • Every clinician wants to deliver the best possible care – which is usually also the most cost-effective care;
  • Clinicians will self-optimize and align with administrative teams to deliver great value if they receive relevant performance insight based on trusted data.


Biome’s solutions combines machine-driven analytics and data with human-driven insights and experience to help hospitals and doctors do their best work.  Today, we serve ambitious heart centers and health systems that strive to achieve clinical and financial outcomes that place them at the top of national rankings.

Biome Team

Jeff Luck, PhD, MBA
Chief Scientist, Board Member

Noreen Gottfried
Director Marketing

Sandy Ng, PhD
Chief Data Scientist

Kiran Suryadevara, PharmD
Director Analytics

Polly Washabaugh
Manager, Data Services

Skye Lawrence
VP, Product Manager

Chris Dunn
VP Sales

Khalid Latif, PhD
CTO, VP Engineering

Rakan Khaki, MPH
VP Analytics

Stuart Jacobson

Mubbashir Khaliq
Director Analytics Development

Salman Bashir
Director Platform Engineering

Tim Lippert
Chief Revenue Officer


Richard Campione
Board Member

Eric Marton

Stuart Jacobson

Jeff Luck, PhD, MBA
Chief Scientist, Board Member

Greg Wajnowski


Jeff Meadows, MD

Joel Sklar MD

Vince Gaudiani, MD

Karen Rago RN, MPA

David Brian Ward

Armen Vidian